How does MyPhaser Work?


MyPhaser is the Best Rated Stun Gun disguised as a modern cell phone.   The electro-shock technology in MyPhaser works instantly to disable an attacker -- stopping aggression and hostility, with just one touch, by interupting the human nervous system, regardless of the size of the assailant.  

Powerful Cell Phone Stun Device

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Do I really need to carry personal protection?


In the moment of an attack, calling 911 may take many minutes

(or longer) for help to arrive.  The vast majority of sexual assaults go unreported and 98% of all rapists will never spend one day in jail.  The system does not favor victims.  The ability to instantly and safely stop an assailant allowing you time to escape and call for help is an option everyone should possess.

Why MyPhaser?


Guns. The other most common forms of personal protection are guns and pepper spray.  When a gun is displayed you escalate the situation -- forcing your assailant to become more aggressive or withdraw.  Which of these two outcomes will occur -- you cannot know in advance.  Guns may be taken away from you and used against you, and an assailant can remain highly dangerous for a period of time even after being shot.


Pepper Spray is not fully effective unless you accurately hit the eyes and muscous membranes of the attacker.  If they are wearing glasses, if outside and a breeze is blowing, if the spray has lost its pressure due to shelf-life and other factors can render Pepper Sprays ineffective.  Also, they remain in the air for some time and can inadvertently disable you as well.



Non-Lethal Power:  MyPhaser is a 15 million volt stun gun (Our Latest X15 Model)  manufactured by our ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer and supplies police departments and military customers world-wide.  This is professional grade stun gun and taser technology disguised as a cell phone -- putting the advantage of surprise on your side. Do not worry if you are in physical contact with your attacker while using MyPhaser. The electro-shock current will not be transferred to you.



Competitors and Imitators. Beware cheaper stun guns on the market commonly manufactured with recycled batteries.  Cheaper components mean shorter battery shelf life which do not hold a full charge when you need it most. A low power, inadequate stun gun may actually only anger your attacker more.


MyPhaser's manufacturing process is ISO9001 2008 certified so you can have confidence you have real personal protection in the palm of your hand.



Guaranteed Stopping Power: MyPhaser comes complete with a life-time warranty and is powered by brand new, high capacity lithium batteries with a 10 to 20 year life-span.  If your MyPhaser ever starts to lose its recharging cycle, simply return it for a brand new unit - guaranteed.



The same stun gun technology is used by police and military as a non-lethal method to more safely disable violent suspects.   An attacker will be immobilized for up to 30 minutes allowing you to get to safety

and call for help.

Safe Escape Guarantee:  If you ever are attacked and must use MyPhaser to escape and drop or lose your MyPhaser at the scene of the attack -- we will replace it free of charge.  Your life, and the lives of your loved ones are far more valuable to us than the cost of MyPhaser! 


"Don't be a victim - get protected."     Contact us for full details of this offer.