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What are the chances of you becoming a victim

of violent crime? 


8 out 10 people will be directly affected by crime in their lifetime.  Many more than once given the growth in crime.

Who is safer - men or women?  FACT:  Women are the number one target of violence with sexual assault as the most under-reported

major crime in America.


Imagine having the power to simply touch someone and instantly stop aggression and immobilize an attacker without violence or even the threat of violence.   The device, totally disguised to look like a popular cell phone, is called "MyPhaser" - and it can save your life.


A Crime Occurs Every 5 Seconds.  Today, Violence Has Become

The "New Normal".  So What Is The Answer?


Guns are a danger. They can be turned against you or accessed by children.  And, anytime you display something that looks like a weapon you dramatically increase the potential for violence. (Note: A 500% increase in violence when a weapon is present - according to national crime studies from police reports.)  


Aerosols such as Pepper Spray can lose pressure and are difficult to aim. To be effective you must accurantely and directly hit the eyes or mucous membranes, so if he wears glasses, moves, turns his head or puts up his hand - you are in trouble.   All you have done is aggravate him.


The Answer To Your Personal Safety and Protection?

MyPhaser Pulse-Wave Technology.  


It is disguised not to look like a weapon, but uses the same powerful pulse-wave technology as police and military tasers or stun guns.  This powerful little device can disable a would-be attacker OF ANY SIZE for up to 30 minutes -- with just one touch. Nationwide - police carry stun devices every day. Why?  Because they work! They are highly effective at stopping violent, wild or crazed individuals high on drugs without the use of lethal force.


Your Life And Safety While Showing Property May Depend

On What You Do Next.


Don't wait for crime to strike. Join the millions of Americans who have made the decision to take more responsibility for their own safety.  Click below to order online, or call us toll-free at 888.802.3911 and get the protection you deserve and need - RISK FREE with our 90-Day unconditional money-back guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.


What is your life or the life of a loved one worth? Order MyPhaser today and if you are not completely satisfied with this powerful, personal protection - simply return it and owe nothing.


So Why Take The Chance?


Order now and gain a LIFETIME of protection for you and your loved ones.

But do it now - for tomorrow may be too late.


Safe Escape Guarantee:  If you ever are attacked and must use MyPhaser to escape and drop or lose your MyPhaser at the scene of the attack -- we will replace it free of charge.  Your life, and the lives of your loved ones are far more valuable to us than the cost of MyPhaser! 


"Don't be a victim - get protected."     Contact us for full details of this offer.