we offer quick, fast and easy repair options:


Just send us your product:  If your device is badly damaged, send it directly to our Official Company Repair Center.  Please Note:  You are responsible for the cost of shipping your device to us.  If we cannot repair your unit, we will send you a brand new product - free of charge.


We charge a modest $10 handling and postage fee to ship your repaired (or new replacement unit back to you.  You will need a repair authorization number (RA). You can obtain an RA number here.  You'll need to write your RA number on the outside of the carton in which you ship your product.  Ship all repair products to:


MyPhaser Security, 3110 Mount Vernon Ave, #1200, Alexandria, VA 22305


For repair service outside of the United States, please contact us via email at:


Our simple as that guarantee covers the repair of all functional aspects of any MyPhaser product.





simple as that...



At MyPhaser Security we believe our customers are family.  When you're family, you do what's right.  It's been our philosophy since day one.  And in a typicaly family fashion, we believe in looking out for one another.  That's why we're the only security products company to offer a lifetime repair guarantee on all our products - simple as that.  If your MyPhaser product is ever broken or damaged, even if it was lost at the scene while defending your self (our "Safe Escape" guarantee) we will repair it or replace it free of charge.  You see, to us, the phrase "lifetime guarantee" is more than just a marketing strategy.  It's a sign of our integrity.


Review your repair options here.