The Future of Stun Devices

Our prediction is this: In 20 years from now police using guns to stop criminals will be as archaic as using a Samarai sword. Taser and stun device work instantly to stop aggression and violence without the need for lethal force. The future of self defense? One Touch Stopping Power in military and police grade stun devices. Why do police now carry them in over 18,000 police departments nation-wide? Because they work! Don't be fooled by low-power, cheap imitations that use recycled batteries and low cost parts. They will make a noise and cause some pain, but they won't truly give you the One Touch Stopping Power you need in a potentially life-threatening situation. Our top pick for a "Civillian Model"? Check it out -- It is the MyPhaser M3, M5 or X10. They look like a real cell phone, but they pack a police grade punch! One Touch Stopping Power rating: 10 out of 10.

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