MyPhaser X10 10 Million Volts Best Rated Power Police / Military Grade Lifetime Warranty Instructional Video, Charger & Carrying Case

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MyPhaser M3 3 Million Volts Best Price Disguised as Cell Phone Instructional Video, Charger & Carrying Case Lifetime Warranty

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MyPhaser M5 5 MILLION VOLTS BEST VALUE Instructional Video, Charger, Carrying Case Lifetime Warranty

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Welcome to The Stun Gun Buyer's Guide

The Stun Gun Buyer's Guide is  a direct side-by-side comparison approach to reviewing stun guns and tasers for self defense purposes. Below are all of the stun guns and tasers that we have rated and reviewed. Listed above we have put together a few different information pages such as about who we are, stun gun laws & comparisons of stun guns vs. tasers and guns. If you currently own any of the models of stun guns listed below, we encourage you to leave your personal review to help future consumers. Enjoy our site and the wealth of information that we have provided when testing each model of stun gun/taser

Best Rated

Rank      │            Product                 │            Rating
1      │          MyPhaser X10    │          
2      │          MyPhaser M5     │          
3      │          MyPhaser M3     │          



Basis for the Rankings

1.  Stopping Power:    Both voltage and current are important here.  Voltage measures electrical potential to penetrate air and clothing to deliver an effective stun result.  Amperage determines whethere the device has sufficient power to incapacitate an attacker (for up to 30 minutes) versus simply deliver a "shock" or short term pain. (Low power "stun guns" have flooded the marketplace and are little more than "cattle prods" in terms of stopping power. To make the Top 10 a device had to be highly rated in proven stopping power. Police and military supplier/manufacturers are given highest ratings.


2. Concealment:  It is a proven statistic that whenever you introduce anything that looks like a weapon into a threatening situation, you increase the liklihood of violence significantly (as much as 500% according to some studies).  Highest rating were given to designs which give an average user the advantage of stealth, disguise and/or concealment.


3. Training Required:  Weapons which fire electroshock darts require greater training for effective accuracy.  Additionally, they require replacement cartridges which are an ongoing expense to maintain.  Often used by law enforcement who must complete a training program and regularly spend time on a gun range.  Police or military users of such guns have better than average shooting skills than civilians for effective use of projectile weapon systems.


4. Manufacturer Warranty:  Results varied, but the top rated devices carry Lifetime Warranty for repairs and have been in business 20 years or more with an excellent Better Business Bureau and/or Consumer Reports rating.



4      │          TASER X2          │          
5      │          TASER X26C     │          
6      │          TASER C2         │          
7    │          TASER M26C     │          
8      │        Phazzer Dragon  │          
9      │         Phazzer Titan    │          
10      │     Vipertek VTS-880 │          

Stun Gun Resources

Safe Escape Guarantee:  If you ever are attacked and must use MyPhaser to escape and drop or lose your MyPhaser at the scene of the attack -- we will replace it free of charge.  Your life, and the lives of your loved ones are far more valuable to us than the cost of MyPhaser! 


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