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Here's Why MyPhaser is Your Best Defense

At Your Moment of Truth...

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First of all, I could personally hold my breath and squint my eyes and run right through a 10 or 20 foot wide cloud of mace or pepper spray if it meant getting out of a burning building alive.


Couldn't you?


And that is all you attacker would have to do to close on you like an NFL linebacker rushing to sack the quarterback.  Only this time -- you're the target.  How fast can he get to you?  Probably 2 or 3 seconds depending on distance and if you try to run.


The Solution


We manufacture every form of stun device you can think of for police and military worldwide (since 1993).  We could offer taser guns, batons, canes, swords and a dozen other options here -- all for sale "catalogue style".  The reason we STRONGLY recommend MyPhaser as the one and only solution for civilians seeking the BEST in self defense - is simple.


It is called Your Moment of Truth.   Let me explain.


Most people do not fight for a living.  Most people are not trained in martial arts, or in firearm marksmanship.  Most people WILL feel adrenaline rushing through them when danger or a threat suddenly appears.  This is nothing to feel ashamed of - it is how nature helps protect us.  It is normal.


Here is the most important part.


If and when that day comes when you are in real danger, if it is your money or your life - give them your money.  As a martial arts competitor and instructor of 30 years, I would simply walk away if possible.  A few dollars in your pocket is not worth risking your life over.  Your attacker may have weapons that you do not see -- or accomplices behind you or watching at the ready.   In other words, he chose this spot and this moment to attack, assault or threaten you.  He may be fully prepared.


You are at a dissadvantage - right from the start.


Any time you introduce something into a confrontational situation that LOOKS like a weapon, you greatly increase the chance for violence.  According to national statistics from police reports - the increase in violence when a weapon is present is 5 times or 500%.  So if you produce a gun or a Taser gun, baton, or even a baseball bat - your odds of violence suddenly go up dramatically.   


Your potential attacker will either withdraw or become more violent, but you have no way to know which will occur.  But you have forced them to make a decision.  This is an absolute law of human nature known as "Fight or Flight".


In a moment of high stress, having something in your hand that gives you a powerful edge, but looks like an everyday item (a cell phone) is a game changer.  You handle a cell phone every single day.   You are comfortable with a cell phone.  You will feel at ease and confident with this device.  And, most of all - you have the number advantage in battle...


The Powerful Advantage of Surprise  


From Sun Tzu - The Art of War:  

"Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."


When your "Moment of Truth" arrives you will know it - when he puts his hands on you. If the attack is from behind -- assume this is life or death.  It is him or you.


You may be seeking some type of weapon that you can fire safely from a distance. But remember, the moment you pull out a weapon of any type you have started the battle. With MyPhaser you can try and talk them down - deescalate the situation - continue to try and find a peaceful resolution.  But if they are a hardened criminal, if they are a tough street fighter, or if they are crazed and high on drugs, the Moment of Truth is coming to you.  You will not have to close the distance between you and them.


They will close on you.


And when they do grab onto them and drive MyPhaser directly into their body (watch the Guided Tour video).  It is simple and easy to do.  Press into them and fire. 


Here is what will happen next.


Their mind completely freezes.  Millions of volts of electricity are racing through their entire body.  It feels like they are in the electric chair as their knees instantly buckle in just the first second.   You will feel it as they go limp and slide to the ground, but don't stop yet - you are not finished with him.  Keep pressing and firing into his body as they collapse.  Do not show mercy as they spasm and shake on the ground - remember - they closed on you.  Three to five seconds should solve the problem completely.


It is over.  They may be completely incapacitated for up to 30 minutes (depending on the length of contact with MyPhaser) and be docile and non-threatening for hours.


Meanwhile - you should leave the scene promptly (if possible) and call 911.  Get help. Don't stay there to taunt them and convince them of how they should change their ways in life etc.   Remember - they could have an accomplice watching all this.  If there are more than one of them, odds are they will run away.  Criminals want to avoid three (3) things:  Getting identified, getting caught or getting injured.   


You have just demonstrated that you can turn the tables on them literally - with just one touch.   The liklihood of any more "volunteers" has just gone way down.  But leave the scene and call for help.  Let the professionals take it from here.


That is the real power of MyPhaser protection - the power of: 


A Complete Surprise Attack


Only MyPhaser gives you this unique advantage and protection.  Nothing else even comes close.  Don't wait until crime strikes to get prepared.  


All our products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and a 90 day, unconditional, money-back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with our product, simply return it and owe nothing. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of protection and security to gain.


Don't delay and certainly don't go it alone.  If that day comes - when your

"Moment of Truth" has arrived - let us be there with you.


Safe Escape Guarantee:  If you ever are attacked and must use MyPhaser to escape and drop or lose your MyPhaser at the scene of the attack -- we will replace it free of charge.  Your life, and the lives of your loved ones are far more valuable to us than the cost of MyPhaser! 


"Don't be a victim - get protected."     Contact us for full details of this offer.