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We here at MyPhaser Security, LLC. would like to thank our customers for their feedback and appreciate any and all correspondence that we get so as to better improve our products and customer service.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products.

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Review MyPhaser X10

 Sent by Chuck W. - Little Rock, AK - 12/8/15


"When I was looking for something for self-defense protection around the house, I did some research online.  I found MyPhaser with good reviews everywhere I checked.  Bought the X10 and when it arrived - took it out of the box - and it really looks and feel like a $500 cell phone.  You would never know it is actually a full power stun gun.  Good product - good service.

Video Review MyPhaser M5

 Sent by Lawrence F. - Richmond, VA - 1/5/16



Review MyPhaser M3

 Sent by Phillip M. - San Antonio, TX - 11/18/15


"I bought MyPhaser after calling the 800 number and getting all my questions answered.  Also researched it online for several hours and your company seemed to be the best.  I like that you have been making stun guns and other stun device for police and military for over 20 years.  Very good product and I really appreciated the phone service (English speaking) and free shipping.

Video Review MyPhaser X10

 Sent by Bob T. - Philadelphia, PA - 1/14/16



Review MyPhaser M5

 Sent by Bill W.   Scottsdale, AZ - 12/25/15


"I just bought two of your MyPhasers as Christmas gifts.  Seemed like an odd thing to give as a Christmas present at first -- but you should have seen the looks on their faces when my daughters opened them and figured out what it was!  I watch the news and know what is out there in the world these days.  I feel better knowing they have protection if trouble ever find thems.  Best gift I could ever give them.   Thanks!   (good looking product by the way) 

Video Review MyPhaser X10

 Sent by Christina T. - Boston, MA - 12/28/15



Review MyPhaser M5

 Sent by John W.   Dallas, TX - 1/8/16


"I'm a gun owner (several actually), but decided to buy one of your MyPhaser stun guns to carry with me when I travel on business.  Hard to travel with a weapon these days, but I pack your stun gun in my checked luggage and no issues at all.  Now I carry it with me everywhere (and I travel to some rough places for my work).  Thanks -- good idea -- good design especially - and it sounds like it would tear some one up - big time!  

Video Review MyPhaser X10

Sent by Angela L. - Sarasota, FL - 1/2/16